Your donation empowers children and youth in Tanzania.

$204,566 raised

$200,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Your belief in the potential of children and youth is at the heart of everything we do!

Project Zawadi needs to raise at least $200,000 by December 31, 2022. You can support real change for:
  • 300 sponsored students in primary through university levels;
  • 407 teachers (serving 27,000 students) receiving professional development training & support through our Tenda Teachers program;
  • 10,000 community members and students benefiting from improvements at their four primary schools.

2022-2023 WISH LIST


  • 6 weeks of English Bridge at four schools - $2,500 per school
  • Pilot project: Child protection & safety training at four schools - $1,250 per school
  • Career Coaching & Internships for recent graduates - $8,000
  • Merit Sponsorships for five new secondary students - $700 per student per year (6 years average)

Tenda Teachers

  • Train 64 teachers at eight schools for one year - $500 per teacher
  • Communities of Learning (CoL) for teachers developed at 22 schools - $700 per school
  • Develop 10 new teacher training videos - $4,000
  • Capacity building trainings with government partners - $5,000

Model Schools (4 schools/communities)

  • Water delivery systems at Kurusanga and Busore Primary Schools - $10,000 each - both schools funded
  • Leadership Development training and coaching - $2,500 per school
  • Farmers’ Groups (seeds, tools and training) - $3,000 per school
  • Student Clubs - $1,250 per school
  • English Language Student Teacher - $1,000 per school
  • Five units of teacher housing at Busore Primary School - $10,000 each
To underwrite a specific initiative, please email or call 651-217-0743.

* Renewing or initiating a new sponsorship? Please select the $240 donation amount to sponsor one student for one year. You may set that as recurring annually. If you wish to do a monthly or quarterly donation, please enter the custom amount in the blank field and set your donation frequency accordingly.