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Ensure Tanzanian children and youth have access to a quality education

Your support puts students and youth on the path to self-reliance!

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Giving to the General Fund on a one-time or recurring basis supports Project Zawadi's efforts in partnership with local communities, teachers, and schools to foster quality and relevant education experiences through the Tenda Teachers and Model Schools programs.

The Tenda Teachers program addresses the gap in training and professional development for teachers both in the Nyamsuwa area and nationally in Tanzania. The program offers teacher training resources, English language student workshops, and partnership opportunities among non-governmental organizations to support teachers and schools in Tanzania.

The Model Schools program has been directed by an intensive community and school planning initiative, Project Zawadi program resources will be more intensively integrated into a school. Working in partnership, Model Schools will support the vision the community has for a model, high-quality educational institution for their children. Each Model School site is slated to undergo this holistic transformation over a multi-year period.

Student Sponsorship:

Project Zawadi makes a long-term commitment to our students, thus we also ask sponsors to commit to support their student(s) for multiple years. Sponsorship is just $240/year (or $20/month for monthly donors). In photos and letters you will be able to see your support make real changes in the life of your sponsored student(s).

Sponsored students receive the resources to support their education: uniforms, school supplies, textbooks, mentoring, and career counseling.

As students advance through their education into the secondary, tertiary or vocation levels, Project Zawadi ensures that the resources needed to attend school are properly met.

* Please select the $240 donation amount to sponsor one student for one year. You may set that as recurring annually. If you wish to do a monthly or quarterly donation, please enter the custom amount in the blank field and set your donation frequency accordingly.

Do you want to give to the General Fund and Sponsor a student? Please select the "Student Sponsorship and General Fund" designation and we will follow up with you to confirm the allocation of your gift. Thank you for your generosity.

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